Smoke In The Jungle - Welcome NiKOLAS


Ranging from sunny to sultry, NiKOLAS writes pop songs that channel a broad spectrum of emotions, which are unified through his theatrical vocal style, a love of everyday subject matter, and digital synth textures. Influenced by electro artists from the 2000’s such as the Postal Service, NiKOLAS’ upcoming EP brings together euphoria, lust, and and total satisfaction for anyone craving a fulfilling hook. We have been awestruck over his singer-songwriter approach to electro pop, delivered with a saccharine vocal style that will make your insides melt like summer ice cream. His seductive, playful sound is a like a dream of chasing rainbows, and trying get your sweet tooth into them before you wake. Ready your ears for hair-raising vocal chops, buttery-smooth velvet melodies, and a pop sound design aftertaste of epic proportions. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming NiKOLAS releases this year, including collaborations with other members of our beloved JUNGLE UP family.