Mei Ohara’s Debuts New Single About Her Brush With Death

Photography by A Curious Production

Photography by A Curious Production

Mei Ohara describes her new single “Close Call” as “a song about reactivating the will to live. In the face of the grim reaper, finding apathy in the place of a survival instinct serves as a chilling wake up call. This song is a sonic battleground between self and the reaper, who is really an alternate side to the self.”

“Close Call” is a reflection of Mei Ohara’s personal experience with her own mortality. “One day in early October 2017, I was driving on slick roads to a job that sucked away my soul, when my car lost control and dragged across a railing before rotating 180 degrees, facing me towards traffic. As it dragged along the railing I had several seconds to accept my fate, and was disturbed by how easy it was. As the day continued I realized I needed to build a stronger tie to my own life. The love between you and yourself can be the hardest to grow and fight for, but it is the most important journey we progress along in this mysterious state of consciousness we call life. I wrote this song to demand more from myself than a stifling detachment.”

Download the single via Bandcamp.

“The video plays on the tale of the red string of fate, which is typically associated with marriage or fated love. Instead, this is the seduction between life and death. At first the reaper is awakening and flickering in and out of the picture, slowly pulling more and more on the thread of life. The reaper in this video begins to take lives in the form of meteors, while the stars represent life in limbo. In the end the battle of violins ends with life the victor, but this victory is only really the postponing of the inevitable.”

Ohara goes on to describe the continuity that connects her newest release to her last EP, “The Cold Blue Sphere”: “This video is the more tangible and human foil to the representation of death in my previous video, “To Nonexist,” which explores the idea of death beyond simply death of the flesh. In that video, the same robe the reaper is cloaked with is the primary symbol of demise, rather than the more personalized and independent string of fate.”

Watch her 2017 release “To Nonexist”, below: