Photo by Casey Desmond

Photo by Casey Desmond

DAVID ANDERSON KIRK’s musical career has spanned decades; from humble beginnings drumming in post punk outfits to playing alongside Mike Watt of Iggy and the Stooges fame. Unsatisfied with band life, David Anderson Kirk began twisting knobs and producing German inspired techno, house, and industrial music. After years of surreptitiously producing music in the dark, he’s finally brought the music to the light of day. Buckle up.

“David’s music is a perfect antidote to an afternoon lull. It is compulsively listenable and suitable for practically any mood. Put it on at your next house party, at the gym, when you want to slip into the zone when you’re at work.”

- Matt Schiavenza, The Atlantic Monthly

“David Kirk's music is suspiciously invigorating and highly listenable. It is both diversion and nourishment-- a strong push through life mundanities, and enhancement for fleeting joys, legal and otherwise.”

- Adam Kaplan, co-host of "Are We Still Talking About This," writer/producer NETFLIX originals


COMING SOON: ‘DOUBT’ feat CMB late summer 2019.