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Don’t miss co-founders Emily and Casey of JUNGLE UP RECORDS live as they join Sterlingtology on Boston Free Radio tomorrow, Dec 6th.

Mei Ohara will be starting the interview at 11:35am, and then J.U.R. is up at 12:15pm to talk about releases, community, and life style.



Photos by Amber Lokatys, and A Curious Production

Big thanks to Sterling Golden for supporting the JUNGLE UP Fam!

Mei Ohara’s Debuts New Single About Her Brush With Death

 Photography by A Curious Production

Photography by A Curious Production

Mei Ohara describes her new single “Close Call” as “a song about reactivating the will to live. In the face of the grim reaper, finding apathy in the place of a survival instinct serves as a chilling wake up call. This song is a sonic battleground between self and the reaper, who is really an alternate side to the self.”

“Close Call” is a reflection of Mei Ohara’s personal experience with her own mortality. “One day in early October 2017, I was driving on slick roads to a job that sucked away my soul, when my car lost control and dragged across a railing before rotating 180 degrees, facing me towards traffic. As it dragged along the railing I had several seconds to accept my fate, and was disturbed by how easy it was. As the day continued I realized I needed to build a stronger tie to my own life. The love between you and yourself can be the hardest to grow and fight for, but it is the most important journey we progress along in this mysterious state of consciousness we call life. I wrote this song to demand more from myself than a stifling detachment.”

Download the single via Bandcamp.

“The video plays on the tale of the red string of fate, which is typically associated with marriage or fated love. Instead, this is the seduction between life and death. At first the reaper is awakening and flickering in and out of the picture, slowly pulling more and more on the thread of life. The reaper in this video begins to take lives in the form of meteors, while the stars represent life in limbo. In the end the battle of violins ends with life the victor, but this victory is only really the postponing of the inevitable.”

Ohara goes on to describe the continuity that connects her newest release to her last EP, “The Cold Blue Sphere”: “This video is the more tangible and human foil to the representation of death in my previous video, “To Nonexist,” which explores the idea of death beyond simply death of the flesh. In that video, the same robe the reaper is cloaked with is the primary symbol of demise, rather than the more personalized and independent string of fate.”

Watch her 2017 release “To Nonexist”, below:

AVOXBLUE Plays "Halloween Hangover" XIV


Photo by Mary Lee Desmond

If you didn’t quite get your spooky Fix this year, then join AVOXBLUE, the_Stampede, Fire in the Field, and Moxa tonight (Nov 2nd) at the HearNowLive Presents: "Halloween Hangover" XIV at Middle East Upstairs. Guaranteed to fulfill your darkest hopes, and to make love to your ear holes. Don’t miss this hangover remedy. Get your TICKETS HERE or at doors, which open at 7pm.

New Remix of Upcoming Mei Ohara Single 'Close Call'

This Halloween, CMB has finished concocting a remix of ‘Close Call’, Mei Ohara’s upcoming single which reflects upon a near death experience. Balancing ethereal vocal production with synth bass heavy enough to raise the dead, the tone of ‘Close Call’ isn’t sombre, but rather, full of morbid curiosity.


The original single will debut on Jungle Up Records November 28th. 

Stream ‘Close Call Reaper Mix (CMB Remix)’ ahead of the single release via Bandcamp:

Photography by James Dattolo (A Curious Production)

Mei Ohara Releases 'Crypt (Neptunecraft Remix)' on Jungle Up Records

 Photo by A Curious Production

Photo by A Curious Production

Mei Ohara remixed her track “Crypt” into a dark electro banger, perfect for any Halloween playlist. On the subject of her remix, Mei Ohara said it “explores a glitchier sound after time to reflect, the fantasy sparks and collapses, leaving nothing but the digital memory of a former illusion”.

Ohara goes on to tell us the inspiration behind the original song: “Crypt is about the illogical fascination that comes with only having experienced a surface view of someone, or something. Sometimes the beauty of the fantasy isn’t worth the risk of consuming more, but the addiction to the beauty makes it hard to look away, and hard to delve deeper and deeper. This song was experienced by having met an intriguing cryptographer in a fascinating place, and realizing the tension between the art of the character and the mundane reality of human life.”

Download and listen to the remix via Bandcamp:


In the age of streaming, and most of society sourcing youtube to search for music, our CMB revisits the previously released 'Relic Radiation’ with an updated perspective. Her husband, Levon Fox, had just finished soldering his lzx (castles/bridges), befaco, and 3 trins eurorack modules and surprised her by running the debut album ‘Three Licks’ through the chain. The result was mind-melting perfection. After capturing the experiment, the next logical step was to make it available for others who wanted the experience. The married, knob-tweaking duo plan to add visual accompaniment to all remaining tracks from the album that don’t already have music videos. Roll a fatty, and sit back to this psychedelic stir-fry!

MLE Will Debut with Strong Upcoming Single 'EVAPORATE' ft CMB


After spending a year working in the studio, MLE is finishing up the single and video for 'Evaporate' feat. CMB, as well as Mei Ohara on violins.

 We couldn't be more proud of this musical release. Many creatives added their genuine touch to the music video, and editor Dave Palmacci provided psychedelic transitions and animations. We're most thankful for our collaborators, sister act Jessie Ammons-Carswell, and Sammi Bartlett for their help filming and directing the shoots.

Taking place on a cliff overlooking violent waves, 'Evaporate' is an esoteric representation of the influence and power of nature, and our undeniable connection to it

ONLY CHILD Writes "Bratty Bedroom Pop" For Our Aural Pleasure.

We are proud to announce that ONLY CHILD has joined JUNGLE UP RECORDS. ONLY CHILD is the solo project of singer/songwriter Christopher James Martin, and is self-described as "bratty, bedroom pop". Chris is a skilled songwriter, and musician who has thoroughly mastered the art of the earworm. While fronting Boston based indie-pop band All Eyes On Me, he kickstarted a solo project that would allow him to enjoy band life, yet with some autonomy to follow his creative impulses. Check back for the upcoming releases this Fall 2018, as well as his debut EP - due Spring 2019. ONLY CHILD is on his way to a speaker near you!


Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 10.19.05 PM.png

MLE's 'Sheltered Blood' remix release, and Flux Festival are on the horizon for AVOXBLUE this June!

We are pretty stoked about this 'Sheltered Blood' remix of AVOXBLUE by our own MLE, but we mustn't give away the surprise. Patience is a virtue, right...right? Check back soon for that release. Not to mention - having to bottle up all of our enthusiasm for the upcoming Solar Flux Festival, which features three Jungle Up artists this June 8-10. AVOXBLUE is to follow headliner Alluxe on Saturday night, Main Stage, before everything turns over to Moon Base. Share some of that sexy black lipstick with your mates, and get on down to Cadron Creek Outfitters (deep in the woods of Greenbrier AR) to get your gothy-synth-wave on!

Get Tickets!

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Neptune is looking for it's rogue Princess, and we're proud to say she's landed at Jungle Up.

Violinist, singer, songwriter, and producer Mei Ohara is officially a part of our label! We are super exited for her to release music with us - including exclusive collaborations and remixes she is working on with CMB, and MLE! In the meantime, we can't stop listening to her out-of this-world discography!

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